Monday, October 13, 2008


Most of the time I cant imagine being any happier. That cannot be measured and it continues growing. Life as we know it is a gift and a miracle in itself. The going gets tough but we charge right on. Every day I look forward to new experiences and opportunities. New friendships and new challenges. Keep on living!

Tomorrow will come,
the sun will rise.
Together we bring the ingredients to thrive.
Sorrow is the only true enemy at hand.
We curse........
and quarrel to our own demise.
Endeavor to keep the circle alive
For today rarely forsaken,
not of the damned.

Aspirations: nirvana, be successful in my career path, to nurture, balance, explore, and start a family.

Realistic and some goals I realistically wont complete:
Travel to New Zealand, Egypt, The Middle East, The Himalayas, Guatemala, Alaska, Montana, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, North Carolina. Blow up something without causing harm to a single thing. Go skydiving, scuba dive amongst coral reefs (once I overcome my fear of breathing underwater) Get lost in a foreign land where I don't speak the language. Go deep sea fishing, fly kites, buy a kayak and use it often, white water raft more. Make and keep friends. Continue to conquer black diamond runs on my snowboard without letting them conquer the well being of my body. Be goofy. Accept things for what they are. Camp. Go free riding off of Diamond Peak. Ride bikes. Hike more. Have babies. Raise them. Pick mushrooms/huckleberries/blackberries/strawberries/apples/pears. Have a garden. Make compost for my garden. Do no harm. Rock out and be careless from time to time. Barbecue. Meet good people. Date nice men. Ride quads. Be snuggled. Spend life with nice man. Love. Swim across Waldo Lake. Be loved. Connect and get to know people as their genuine selves. Learn something new every day. Continue exercising regularly. Plant trees. Read books. Write a book. Write poetry. Sing. Dance. Laugh. Take long naps. Break nocturnal cycle. Get a place to myself. Fight fire. Own land. Help people. Save lives. Take pictures. Live in the wilderness by myself for a summer. Feed the hungry. Overcome loneliness. Volunteer. Donate. Remain honest. Fight for the truth and what I believe is the right thing.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

October Wonderland

Ah. What a refreshing day. I went hunting with my Dad. We drove up to 5,500 feet in elevation to a "secret" place. It was snowing. So early in the year it was complete eye candy. We also got lost on foot for several hours, it was coming down so hard it covered our tracks and everything looked exactly the same all around. I have never really been lost like that before. Oh well things turned out fine. And here are some pretty pictures!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Drifting mahogany scents entangle with descending leaves,
More than quiet livelihood
Entertaining the senses, purity and serene
Plunging and fluttering amongst the breeze
I wouldn't, Wait, Yes I would.
Forever will you dance with me?
The cool nights begin to freeze
All at once the life is gone
Until something strange becomes anew
As briskly appearing as the dawn
The chickadees all atwitter
Gentle changing iced morning dew
( be continued)

Monday, October 6, 2008


I find my life busy and hectic at the moment. I just want things to slow down and allow me time to collect myself. I want to connect with people. I want to feel that I am not the only living being on this planet. I want to stay up all night and discuss life.

Am I too selfish?

In midst of all the mayhem I once again am looking for a place to call home. Hopefully something will come to me soon or the car will be my place to sleep again. The adventure of complete untied independence is growing old and stale as the nights grow more chilly and the dread of finding myself alone with nowhere to sleep rushes upon me like a flood.

It is true that Oakridge and the surrounding areas are my home, but I want structure and warmth. Is it too much to crave? Somewhere safe where I'm not frightened? A true place of refuge and rest?

The only thing that is going how I planned are my college classes.

Intro To EMS (Dull.. I already know what happens in EMS)

EMT-Intermediate(Amazing, challenging and holds my interest)

Life is great. The bumps along the way are challenging my sanity though. Be a friend, I promise I will be one to you.