Monday, October 6, 2008


I find my life busy and hectic at the moment. I just want things to slow down and allow me time to collect myself. I want to connect with people. I want to feel that I am not the only living being on this planet. I want to stay up all night and discuss life.

Am I too selfish?

In midst of all the mayhem I once again am looking for a place to call home. Hopefully something will come to me soon or the car will be my place to sleep again. The adventure of complete untied independence is growing old and stale as the nights grow more chilly and the dread of finding myself alone with nowhere to sleep rushes upon me like a flood.

It is true that Oakridge and the surrounding areas are my home, but I want structure and warmth. Is it too much to crave? Somewhere safe where I'm not frightened? A true place of refuge and rest?

The only thing that is going how I planned are my college classes.

Intro To EMS (Dull.. I already know what happens in EMS)

EMT-Intermediate(Amazing, challenging and holds my interest)

Life is great. The bumps along the way are challenging my sanity though. Be a friend, I promise I will be one to you.

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