Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm in-joy

Ahhh.. Another pleasantly stimulating addition to my blog..
I don't really know where to begin. Had another good season at the ski area. Except one broken arm, only a minor set back. Started a new job working as a whitewater guide for Oregon Whitewater Adventures. So far I love it. The people are fun and it's wonderful to begin embracing nature and it's beauty again.
This weekend some other guides and I did a training trip on the North Umpqua. The water was raging and VERY COLD. It never ceases to surprise me how such a simple task as rafting can make all of your worries melt away for a short while. Navigating the swirling waters is hypnotizing and refreshing. Topped with adrenaline.

The boat is heavy
Our arms our strong
Forward hard!
Back paddle, dig in!
Aye, aye captain!!

"Breathe in deeply - Feel your soul refreshed. It's river time!" R.R. Hicklin

There are all these amazing quotes I have been hearing all weekend. My favorite of which I don't know the writer.

"May the peace of the wilderness always be with you."

This reminds me of my friend Penny who is currently battling cancer. She is probably the kindest soul I have ever met. When I think of her it is easy to visualize hiking on a pristine hillside with lush green ferns being trampled by her three legged husky dog. When I think of her I think of picking plums on a warm Sunday afternoon before departing to Portland to proctor for an EMT test. Many fond memories of her.

Lately I have been feeling very satisfied. I have met many goals I have set for myself and need to make a new list.

New job
Dated AMAZING men. (yes you guys. Jay, and Jason)
Picked mushrooms/berries
Hiked more
Rafted more
Became more healthy
Loved more
Formed strong bonds
In tune with self
Broadened horizons
Picked up hitchhikers
Played irresponsible
Was responsible
Felt creative
Had adventures
Self reflection
Started playing harmonica
Listened to nature

New Goals.
Be less selfish
Listen to my heart
Go back to college
Strengthen upper body
Reconnect with old friends
Spoil my cat

Over the next few months the outdoors will become my home again while I work on the river. Hopefully I find time to post pictures and connect even though I will be far.

"May the peace of the wilderness always be with you."


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