Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wind of We

Drifting mahogany scents entangle with descending leaves,

More than quiet livelihood

Entertaining the senses, purity and serene

Plunging and fluttering amongst the breeze

I wouldn't, Wait, Yes I would.

Forever will you dance with me?

The cool nights begin to freeze

All at once the life is gone

Until something strange becomes anew

As briskly appearing as the dawn

The chickadees all atwitter

Gentle changing iced morning dew

Forever, forever?

Wonderful emotions never bitter

And the snow falls

A voice whispers "Never, never"

Fragile allure becomes enraged

Violence hiding in the aphotic scenery enthralls

The wandering soul is now intangible

Concealed and absent.


Earth softens, the departed ones again animate

Colorful insects zoom and buzz busily

The blustery weather came and went

Moisture collects and from there consolidates

Dripping, dripping freely, easily

Run away, Far away


Today, today

The spirit contrives revenge

She lays in wait

Angry and cold

Consumed by hate

The wind whispers a message

"Alone, alone."

Non compos mentis sanity alleged

I speak to the wind

"Forever, forever?"

Banteringly mocking replies

"And ever, and ever."

By Miranda PierceJune 2, 2010I hope you like it!~~M

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