Thursday, September 18, 2008

I don't know what tomorrow holds.

Life has never been a steady and predictable thing for me. It probably is not bridled for anyone. It has become in recent weeks quite balanced and I feel a tight feeling in my chest, a fear that it will not remain.

The wind is a whisper,

Changing and transforming

To what do I find comforting?

Cold never crisper.

Freeze it in time.

Does it sigh a warning?

No longer contorting,

Or is everything once again melting?

I pray to know what tomorrow holds.

It is the thrill of life not knowing. I constantly find myself huffing the fumes of the unknown, The brilliant life high. There are just some nights like tonight where all I want is to know. The lack of knowledge is sickening.

Strong (Mentally to the core)

Don't embrace fear (yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil)

Life (Indulge, drink deep, let it flow through you)

Independence (working for what you want, with some guiding help along the way, nothing handed to you on a plate except for pure life)

Ambition (the drive)

Happiness (the pursuit, what drives ambition)

Love (love all man and being, pity those who you feel the urge to hate)

Melancholyanxietylonelyworrysomeness (natural inconvenience which is taking hold right now)

And once again I sit up listening to the sounds around me and cant help feeling all alone...

I don't understand myself..

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