Thursday, September 18, 2008

Plastics, make it impossible

Today I was working a general 8 hour day, I met a wide variety of people as I always do, and chatted briefly with regular customers. One thing that stuck in my mind was when a gruff fellow between the ages of 30 and 40 came through my line with his twin children, a daughter and son. I greeted them all briefly asked how their days' were going then dropped the question of "paper or plastic sack?" The man looked very offended almost like I had spat on his dead mother. "We don't support the oil companies, paper always thank you." I glanced at the children who were both glaring daggers in my direction. It was almost frightening. Almost in unison the twins chimed in, "The oil companies steal all our parent's money." The father looked at them both lovingly "Good kids." he beamed. "The only thing I contribute to the oil companies is the money I put out to put gas in my truck and to keep it up." I smiled politely and began filling up paper sacks with their groceries. While doing this I observed that every item they had was in a heavy plastic container. Milk, Butter, bottles of apple juice, two liter bottles of soda. It just amazes me that if someone can be so concerned with "the oil companies" getting their money, why cant they cut back on all petroleum products? Why just sacks?

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