Friday, September 12, 2008

Observing my bros

The television is blaring and my fire brothers are glued to Ultimate Fighter. Justin yells to Tim "No DADDY NO!" And insults spout back and forth between them.. "Shut up cock bag." "Go to hell." "F**K you man." "You have a tiny pee pee." "It's bigger than yours." I love them both so much. Buttheads.

Channels are flying by and they stop suddenly, fixed on the most recent hurricane ready to pulverize the southern coast of the United States. A few empathy to those who will be affected words are spoken between them. And the obsenities resume as the channel disappears and morphs into another program.

Vulgarity spreads like the black death here when select folks are here with eachother. We become laughing loads of poo when lost in the unintelligent ramblings. Just like family. They are my family.

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