Friday, September 12, 2008

overview of recent blessings

It is very early in the morning and I find myself with a computer resting on my lap. The last several nights have been cold, but the smell of summer melting into autumn is intoxicating. Absolute nothingness like this is too valuable to allow unconcious hallucinations of sleep shoo me away into unreality, complete desolation.

I feel blessed.

Not by any form of divine being other than nature itself. Feeling the life that comes from this deluge of silence makes me feel so thankful to just be alive and breathing. The blood pulsating through my veins is a comforting reminder that just maybe I will be around to drink in all the wonders that will bestow themselves on me later in the day.

Like work.

I am so glad to have met many of the people I see while doing my checking and cleaning and money counting down at our local grocery store. I have made very valuable friends there that are very important characters in my life. The interaction I have with complete strangers touch my existance indefinitely. Positively and I suppose maybe sometimes in not so postive ways. Work is a need all humans have. Everyone must work. It may prove not very entertaining, annoying and a complete inconvience at times, but from what I learn every day just interacting with and watching a person's mannerisms make me strive to learn more about these strange beings named "homo sapien." Myself being one makes me reflect on the decisions and actions fellow people watch me act out and I hope I don't, to put it simply, have any negative effect on anyone's mood.

And I realize how loudly the clock is ticking....

In about five and a half hours I will be meeting a new friend for breakfast at a very nice and relaxing little restraunt half a mile from my abode. My roommate who is also a very dear friend is sleeping downstairs and every so often I hear her son of not even two years old admit a slight wimper. Her precious children that have so quickly and lovingly accepted me into their home warm me with their adorable little hands and gestures. Their small little lives are so precious and for that I feel blessed.


And I'm so exhausted that this random little sparkles of feeling that needed to come out will make sense to no one but myself so now I will shower and fall into unconciousness...

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