Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Be it chilly outside

My Intro to EMS class got cancelled tonight. Many of my friends are still at work or have their children so I am out at the Trailhead eating a yummy crepe and enjoying some orange juice. It is very slow in here tonight, I am the only paying customer in here right now. The owner's young son just ran past my table hollering "SUPERMAN!" Jimi Hendrix is playing and the atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing. It is a little cooler in the corner by the window where I am sitting, But it is pleasant. I wonder if it will freeze tonight. The breath coming out of me has been visible all day. Snow would be nice. I would like the Pass to open up soon so I can work lifts and make a little cash. More importantly get in on the free snowboarding! There are blinking lights appearing all over the town, everyone getting ready for the holiday season... Oakridge is becoming a bit smoggy from wood stove smoke... Another nice person and her child are entering so I will be done with this and chat for awhile.

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