Friday, December 5, 2008

Lunch Time!!

The Stud Muffin Amazing Lady Killah
The Babysitter. Photo by The Artist

The Artist.......

Miss Madison eating her lunch

"I love you pizza!" Miss Madison

Mister Nolan eating his lunch

"Cheeeeese!" Mister Nolan

Today I am taking care of my old roomate, and good friend's children. We just had a very messy, but fun lunch time. I love these little ones and miss them so much. It makes me so happy when they scream "MIR MIR!" when I come over to the house. They are the sweetest kids ever! I love them so much. While I'm writing this Nolan is hitting me with a soaking wet Spongebob beanie babie demanding I give the doll kisses... I give it a kiss and wipe my mouth when Nolan isn't looking. Madison is still intrigued by the corn on her plate and is spreading it across the table. A little artist who keeps shouting "Look wha done! Pretty!" Thank goodness she has lost interest in taking pictures with my phone it's all sticky and yuck. Haha back to taking care of the kiddos!

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