Sunday, December 14, 2008


Nocturnal state.
It's 02:34. Outside is absolutely beautiful. I keep peaking out looking at the fresh coating of snow on the ground. Every so large so puffs fall lightly to the ground in variations from light to heavy. I keep grabbing my coat to go outside and take it all in. Everything being so quiet and peaceful during the night hours makes me more and more prone to not sleep.

So peaceful
And dern my words, "It's just so friggin purty." (that's a mental quote :-P)

No activity in the park, just the snowing and the cold.
I wish I had my camera. The snow light is enough to capture images and store them away for future recollection.
Do we take pictures in attempt to freeze a moment and be able to hold onto it?

The winter season has finally officially arrived with the coming of snow to this quiet little city. The eagerness for the next several months to finally be happening again is driving me batty. It's time for friendly gatherings to come indoors, drinking hot sweet cider and dishing with my girls about petty things like how adorable celebrity babies are, reading Cosmo together and making fun of the latest sexual trends and them laughing their head's off about what they call my "goofy" selection of hats I have firmly glued to my head for the cold weather. It is a time for pure joy and merriment to overcome us and take life lightheartedly. I have a baby shower to help plan for my cousin soon as well. Things couldn't be more wonderful during this time of year.

I hope the holiday season will be spent happily with my family. Disputes either simmer down or escalate during Christmas time and we can never predict exactly what will happen. My typical redneck family. Beer, hard liquor beverages and prime rib make up the Christmas dinner on both sides of my family I love them.

It's also the time of year for SUPER SNOWBOARDING MADNESS!
Okay. That was a little over the top, but I am so excited for this coming season at the amazing Willamette Pass Ski Resort... WOO HOO.
My winter job. It's great. Free riding. Good times with friends. Making new ones working lifts. Finding the most ridiculous ways to pass the time while freezing our asses off. Shovel riding and racing is such a blast. Also the most forbidden fun thing you can do up their while working. Too fun to pass up.
There is also the snowmobiling during winter time. I better not start on that subject. Too much love.

A goal for this winter is to buy a pair of snowshoes. One trip I would like to make is to snowshoe into the Timpanogas Lake area and stay at the shelter there for a night. Then I would like to either spend a day up there exploring or snowshoe into Crescent Lake. Then back to the vehicle the following day. I do not know exactly how far the trip is and it would be all depending on how far up the road is clear to drive. It will be difficult to find someone to take this trip. I cannot go alone, not knowing what could happen and it being prime cougar territory makes me worry too much. Most of my lady friends don't appreciate such encounters with the outdoors and many of my male friends are much too busy to take a few days to make the small adventure. I can just hope and nag I suppose!

My cat is driving me absolutely insane. He just wants to play constantly. He wears me out playing and then keeps me up during my sleep time with his playing. Okay, so his name is Kitty. Very original. Could not find a suitable name. My roommate calls him psycho, tweak, attention whore and pain in the ass. His nicer nicknames that I have for him include: Kee, Kitten and "Oh my Gosh you little shit you did not just break that!" I also caught him drinking out of the toilet the other day even though he has plenty of clean fresh water. Hence the picture above. Kitty has a lot of strange habits, like washing his paws in his water dish, wrestling with my roommate's 3 year old daughter without biting or scratching and chasing his tail. Kitty full out chases his tail like some dogs do. No joke.

It's time for me to brew one last cup lovely decaffeinated Cascade Mint Tea, look outside once more and maybe fall asleep.

Goodnight, sleep comfortable.

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