Thursday, December 4, 2008


Religion has only been an import aspect in my life once a very long time ago. Being lost and afraid it's easy to look to a higher power for truth and guidance. From what I have learned through experiences along the path is that there is no heavenly being that will show you the way. I would not describe myself as an atheist, however the one thing I believe to keep your soul traveling on it's journey is hope. You must have hope. Being true and being thankful for everything you have been blessed with is how I choose to live my journey. Friends of mine are so caught up in the stereotypical way of living and finding love that they have forgotten to be thankful for what they have acquired along the way. They may have scars burned very deeply into their spirit and they have become bitter along the way, but they have so many things to hope for and they don't even acknowledge it. They don't see the hope that is exploding from their children they have conceived with past lovers and just concentrate on how they have been done wrong. They are always so dramatic over the tiniest concepts and allow them to rule themselves mentally. Embrace your children. You may hate their father's/mother's but without the pain you have endured your children would not exist. Their soul's wouldn't be living and they wouldn't be able to have started a journey without the both of you. Have hope. You have so many other things to live for. Live for today and the hope of tomarrow. Look forward to the changing seasons and watching new life erupt. Be thankful for everyone you meet. They help shape you as a person. Absorb the light. Live for something purposeful. Create art so you and other's can enjoy the beauty of it. Help people, whether it may be good customer service, volunteering some time or maybe just simply being pleasant to the people you meet. If that doesn't tickle your fancy find something that does. Live for something meaningful. Touch a life. Do things you enjoy and keep company with good people you call your friends. If you cannot hope you are doomed to a lonely life you cannot even call your own. Don't let the pain and sorrow rule you. Choose your path. Make life everything you ever hoped it to be by changing your attitude. Hope tomarrow will come. Make it be yours. Live the dream.

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